Information Architecture

Information Architecture

Anyone who has seen a Web project go horribly wrong due to poor planning can understand the importance of having a plan before you start to build. Information architects (IAs) help provide the foundation for that blueprint. As Web sites become more robust and complex, IAs develop an architecture that seamlessly translates your business requirements into functionality, while making the visitor’s experience as easy and pleasant as possible. Our experienced information architects:

Help determine a project’s scope and your objectives before any development is done Map out content organization, flow, and labeling Develop a scalable site foundation and navigation schema Interpret business requirements into site functionality and document the interface requirements Act as user advocates to make the site as usable and accessible as possible Software Quality Assurance Our software quality assurance analysts create a proactive means of engineering software products that are predictable, reliable, and meet your users’ needs and expectations. Our comprehensive service offerings include:

  • Providing formal test planning that includes application test strategy, test requirements gathering, project test schedules, and resource identification and allocation
  • Developing formal QA processes and refining them to suit the unique needs of the organization
  • Representing production in a stable test environment including production data replication
  • Implementing and maintaining defect tracking, test automation, and configuration management processes and tools